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Founded in 1996, 919 Marketing Company is an award-winning franchise marketing agency

Our powerhouse staff of marketing and public relations strategists, television reporters and executive producers, videographers, graphic artists, copywriters, radio and music industry professionals create and distribute engaging content that tells your most compelling brand stories to franchise candidates and to the customers of your franchisees. Meet the team.

Our franchise marketing specialists focus on what most franchise brands need most — insightful brand strategy, national and local PR, and social media and digital marketing programs integrated with PR services, our proprietary process called social relations®. And we have the success stories to back it up.

We work with a diverse group of people within franchise brands; CEO’s and other C-Level executives, marketing departments, franchise development teams, franchisees and even franchisee advisory committees.

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For over a decade, our franchise marketing system has helped franchise brands grow in four ways:

  • Award more franchises
  • Help franchisees grow their business
  • Accelerate national brand awareness, interest, and engagement
  • Ensure brand strategy and messaging are aligned for sales growth and acquisition

We are passionate about developing breakthrough marketing campaigns for franchise brands.

We work with a deep roster of franchise brands, from emerging companies to category leaders. Ask us about the franchise brands we’ve helped solve a variety of franchise marketing problems.

How We Do It

We create a customized franchise marketing system for your brand, using proven processes and methodologies that powered hundreds of franchise marketing campaigns for 919 franchise clients over the past decade with proven, documented results.

Every client relationship starts with the development of a clear and measurable franchise marketing plan with clear sales and marketing goals and expectations before work begins. Our trademarked LINK® franchise marketing planning process ensures that everything we do is based on unbiased third-party market intelligence.

Our trademarked strategic planning process worked for The Rosetta Stone and it can work for you too.

I was up until 3:30 responding to inquiries from the NBC piece. I got through about 1/2 of my 50+ inquiries and should start booking appointments in the next day or so. So far there have been 91 goal completions, the equivalent of a month+ of leads in one day. The CEO is thrilled. I reminded him, ‘That’s why I suggest you retain 919. Nobody does this as well as they do.’
Head of Franchise Sales

Beef Jerky Outlet

What Makes Us Different

We know when it comes to franchise marketing, it’s always about making the numbers work for our clients … and we aren’t afraid to set the bar high.

We work in the trenches with both franchise marketing departments and franchise development teams to develop and implement franchise marketing strategy based on sound market intelligence, shared expectations and clear measurable program goals.

We offer our clients the franchise industry’s first and only AI-powered data analytics platform called 919 Insights that identifies exactly what topics your customers and candidates are searching for online and on social media, as they evaluate franchise brands and options.

However, we aren’t the right franchise marketing agency for every brand. As a matter of fact, there only three kinds of franchise brands we work with. What are the three types of franchise brands that are perfect candidates to work with us? 

Are your current franchise marketing results just not adding up? Put our All-Star team of marketing pros in your starting lineup today.

5 Reasons We’re Different From Other Franchise Marketing Agencies


Integrated Services

We offer a full roster of franchise marketing services under one roof from creative services to digital marketing and PR. You reap the cost and time benefits of not having to hire and manage multiple agencies.


Access to Senior Staff

At other franchise marketing agencies, unproven and inexperienced junior staff are running your account on a day to day basis, with a thin senior staff jumping in when problems arise. Not here. We put our deep senior staff on the front line so our clients benefit from the most experience possible.


Results Driven Marketing Programs

We insist on setting clear marketing program goals that dovetail and directly impact the numbers you are paying for – top line revenue, market share, brand impressions and preference, franchise unit growth, etc. If the expectations aren’t set up front, it’s hard to evaluate our mutual success.


The Most Strategic Franchise Marketing Agency in the Business

Yep, that’s a bold statement. But we can back it up. Our CEO developed our trademarked LINK™ marketing planning process, which has been used to accelerate the growth of well over 100 companies. We also recently introduced the franchise industry’s first content analytics platform that enables franchise brands to make more informed decisions about their website and social media messaging.


A Reputation Built on Industry Knowledge, Not Connections

WE LOVE FRANCHISING! We are active, long term IFA members, but we are not one of the “inner circle” franchise marketing and PR firms – and never will be. We have a distinctive and disruptive franchise marketing approach that sets us apart and has led us to a reputation and client roster built on WHAT we know, not WHO we know.

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The 3 Types of Franchise Brands That Are A Good Fit With 919

Blue-Chip Franchise

You know there is more your marketing agency could be doing to further your goals, but currently you’re feeling lost in the shuffle and recognize you need to be with an agency that sets clear performance goals to drive results if you’re going to succeed.

Emerging Franchise Brands

You’re looking for new ideas and solutions to address growing issues surrounding franchise sales growth, franchisee marketing support programs and building the brand on a national stage to attract top notch employees and potential investors.

Early Stage Franchise Brands

You have a game plan to grow into a big brand and need a marketing agency that can guide you to marketing success with a proven track record helping the national brand and all local franchisees grow and thrive.

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