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Six Reasons Why It’s Getting Harder And More Expensive To Hit Your Franchise Sales Goals

  1. You are losing qualified leads every day without even getting the chance to have a conversation.
  2. Franchising is full of copycat franchise development marketing campaigns.
  3. There are too many dogs (brands), not enough dog food (leads).
  4. Franchise prospects are confused and overwhelmed, and their trust of companies is at an all-time low.
  5. Most franchise development teams are confused when evaluating franchise marketing service providers.
  6. There is no silver bullet solution or shortcut to franchise development marketing success.
David and his agency, 919 Marketing, have added depth and professionalism to our franchise marketing efforts at Golden Corral. From digital and traditional media, to PR, to planning, David has employed a more disciplined approach to our efforts, resulting in a more efficient and effective plan. 
VP Franchise Development

Golden Corral

Our five-step approach to successful, cost-effective franchise lead generation

We get sales. We love sales. We use marketing to sell, not hide behind soft unmeasurable goals. We come from companies where sales and marketing worked together to drive shared results.


Develop a measurable franchise development marketing plan up front.

The plan must set a shared expectation of what success looks like. It will establish clear goals that are easy to measure and fully support your franchise sales goals. There will be a detailed roadmap of action items, timelines, budgets and responsibilities. There is a greater focus on franchise sales, content strategy and content development than a traditional marketing plan.

See how we developed the winning marketing action plan for the Rosetta Stone.


Stop wasting time and money guessing what programs are driving leads for you.

Millions of dollars are wasted every year on franchise development marketing programs that simply don’t deliver.

The 919 Insights platform shows franchise teams exactly what types of content are (and not) driving leads for your brand and the competition based on real actions taken on your franchise development website and social media channels.

It’s time to move from “I think” to “I know”. Drive more qualified leads directly to your franchise sales team versus simply buying over-shopped “leads” from portals and list houses or running expensive and short-lived ad campaigns like satellite radio.


Build trust with top of the funnel prospects visiting your website and social media pages

Develop compelling prospect focused content that informs, educates, nurtures and builds confidence in your brand and their decision to bolt their current reality for a new journey. If you haven’t developed your sales content from the prospects point of view your chance for success is shrinking by the day. We can tell you exactly what content needs to be created and marketed based on our 919 Insights audit.


Create content that candidates trust when making decisions throughout the buyer journey.

As prospects move down the sales funnel, they seek different kinds of content about your brand to compare against other options they are considering. This content must increase their trust, but also give them a deeper understanding of the brand’s culture, what being a franchisee would look like, what third party influencers think about your franchise opportunity, etc.

Whether it’s generating national media coverage in the media outlets your prospects trust, day in the life franchisee videos, brand profile videos, infographics, self-paced webinars, local online reviews, rewards, satisfaction surveys, CEO thought leadership stories, customer stories, e-marketing, direct mail, texting programs, we do it all based on your needs.


Create your own franchise development lead pipeline – reduce dependency on “renting” access to franchise candidates.

As prospects move down the sales funnel, they seek different kinds of content about your brand to compare against other options they are considering. Aren’t you getting tired (and worried) that you are totally dependent on social media channels, portals, list houses and brokers to feed your franchise development sales funnel?

Not only are the leads expensive, they are often poor quality and being worked by multiple franchise brands at the same time. Even worse, the leads are flowing only as long as you are spending money, and your precious marketing dollars are going toward making their pipeline stronger, not yours.

Watch a 10-minute pre-recorded webinar of how to create and measure franchise development marketing programs and see how Red Bull built a global brand by creating their own marketing channel.

How much is your “rent but never own” approach to franchise lead development costing you?
The timeshare approach to franchise development leads is outdated. Smart franchise brands are creating their own marketing channel to generate and nurture lower cost, higher quality leads.

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